Architect, Frank Ooms
     Meet an artist of exceptional and diverse abilities — Frank Ooms. First and foremost an architect, he's also a gifted furniture designer and photographer.

     Born in Holland, raised in Canada, he remained in Denver following graduate studies in 1982. His Colorado architectural projects include office and retail interiors, restorations, residences and corporate buildings.

     Growing up in a small, isolated town, Ooms sought outlets for his insatiable curiosity. His many international sojourns have enhanced his sensibilities and affected the style of his work. He observes how people live in the context of their environment, records it with his camera, and applies it to his art. Proportion, balance, texture, geometry and color are elements that he extracts from a setting and then utilizes as components of his art.

     Ooms style is direct, and unpretentious, not relying on historical nostalgia or the imitation of another architect, but insisting on expressing his particular vision. He "sculpts" his spaces, drawing from the clean-lined tradition of the modernist. He also "paints" his spaces and is bold with his use of color. Strong composition is the essence of his architectural designs.